"About a month ago, I left my day job to pursue building my dream job full time. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND, big fan of taking leaps.)

I had the knowledge and the drive, but the discipline, processes, and strategy... I needed a little help. 

Danny Pippin has coached me through the past 2 months as I've figured out how to build this company. He's helped me: design processes to streamline new client on-boarding, create workflows to make sure I'm meeting deadlines, implement strategies to stay grounded in the daily work, and develop practices to stay motivated when I'm overwhelmed. He's helped me develop a higher consciousness around acquiring wealth by encouraging me to chase after a dollar amount that scares me but would change my life. I'm in the middle of one of my most productive work days in weeks, because he sat down with me and helped me time block my daily schedule for maximum productivity.

Creating a web design company, running the business, building the brand, doing the actual design work, and delivering excellent client experiences is A LOT OF WORK. I wouldn't want to do it without a Coach. 

If you're looking for targeted help in building a business, a team, a brand... get help. Pay someone who knows how to get into your brain and pull out the best in you. You aren't meant to do it alone, even if you're a one person team. If money is tight, and mine was reeeeeaaaaal tight when I got started, prioritize and make it happen. That thing about having to spend money to make money? It's true. Invest in yourself early and often. You're your most valuable asset. 

If you have a team, Danny's sweet spot is team building. Hire Danny. Invest in your team"

— Daryn Jackson


"Danny really did his homework prior to our business retreat, which added a lot of value to his words. My team related to him well, he was engaging, and he customized his presentation to our business as opposed to winging it and trying to apply on the fly. Highly recommend!"

— Dr. Damon Barbieri


"Danny is one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure to work with. His focus on talent development, career goals, and leadership elevation goes beyond increasing his team performance. Danny has a true passion for people and wants them to succeed in every aspect of their career and life. I've never had a leader invest so much time in developing my leadership skills and personal goals. His ability to challenge and develop simultaneously kept me engaged and focused throughout every obstacle. I will seek Danny as a mentor for the entirety of my career"

— Patrick Shehane


“Danny is a phenomenal leader. He not only challenged me to grow and try new leadership techniques, but shared his personal testimonies to help me overcome new challenges in my roles. He challenged me to strive for excellence, but he never asked us to try and overcome something that he had not tried before. He never settles for anything but the best, especially in talent selection and development. I'm so thankful to have worked with Danny and I have gained a true lifetime mentor and friend!”

— Jennie Bush


“Danny is very relatable, laid back and charismatic. It was easy for the team to immediately trust him so that hurdle was already taken care of. He did his homework and made the presentation relevant to our team and the focus of the retreat”

— Dee Bledsoe Rosado


“I met Danny Pippin very early in career. In fact, in the early stages of this partnership, I was what many would refer to as just a “manager”.  Danny saw the potential in me, over the course of one year, worked side by side with me and strengthened my personal leadership skills.  He accomplished that through giving me direct feedback in the right place at the right time. I love personal testimonies, and he used many of his own to tie it back into his feedback, as a way to connect with me.  I still use many of those testimonies today when working with my own team. Danny also challenged me personally to step out of my comfort zone, by asking more questions and digging deeper into staffing or business opportunities.   As a result of Danny’s strong leadership and guidance, I have achieved a much-desired promotion and currently leading a top volume location within my company, and have grown all aspects of my business including top-line sales, payroll, and retention. There is no one I trust more than Danny to help develop me, my team, or my peers. Danny’s passion for leadership and growth shows through in his day to day activities and in his relationships with others. Regardless of where I am in my career or personal life, I will always look to Danny Pippin for leadership, developmental growth, and mentorship”

— Heather Carder


“Danny has an aptitude for identifying goals, understanding the tools needed to achieve those goals, and how to develop the strengths and opportunities in individuals achieve of those goals. Seeing things on a micro and macro level helps him create a very specific and achievable game plan for success. It's a leadership style that I have learned from him and used very successfully within my career and even as a parent”

— Matthew Yaple


“I learned many foundational managerial skills from Danny that I still use today. He is a motivational leader that inspires the people around him to go above and beyond their limits. He challenged our team to learn, be more passionate about our product and gave us a better appreciation for what we were selling. He spent time teaching us how preparing for a successful day, having clear communication, and how delegating responsibilities empowers our team to improve performance”

— jason friedman