Personality Indicator Report & Debrief

Personality Indicator Report & Debrief


This report will provide you with powerful insight into several important areas in which your natural style presents itself in your personal and professional life.

In John Maxwell’s book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, the Law of Awareness states, “You must know yourself in order to grow yourself.” This Maxwell Method report is designed to help you better know yourself, as well as provide you with insight on how you can grow yourself.

This report is based on the DISC methodology of human behavior. Dr. William Moulton Marston, while at Harvard University in the 1920’s, developed the DISC Theory while doing research for his book, The Emotions of Normal People. When his research was complete, the DISC Theory was formed into a validated and reliable assessment for personal and professional development. DISC is the methodology used in this report to help you identify four different dimensions of your design:

Your Behavior Style, Your Communication Style, Your Strength Style, and Your Work Style.

"Personal growth increases hope. It teaches us that tomorrow can be better than today." John C. Maxwell

Your assessment link and key code will be emailed to you. Once completed, your Personality Indicator Report will be available for download and emailed to you. A calendar link will be sent to you to schedule your individual debrief.

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