Growth Impact Report & Debrief

Growth Impact Report & Debrief


Learn more about the way you impact the world!

Whether in your professional or personal life, there are many different ways your impact shows up. In this report, we will provide you with a multi-dimensional view of yourself in each of these sections.

We will introduce the methodology used in this report - not all of the rigorous scientific data, but enough information for you to understand the framework of your Impact Report.

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell says, “Leadership is Influence.” We provide you with a view into how you influence results, whether it is through direct influence, directing others, details, or other factors. Here you will see how you influence results, and the ways in which that influence can be displayed in your workplace.

Have you ever noticed that the way some people communicate can affect your desire to speak with them or even help them? In this section of the report, you will learn more about your communication style and how you can focus on having even better communication with others.

Are you an Analyzer who performs best when working in a practical way to refine methods, or a Strategist who thrives on solving problems and making plans for goals? There are five key role themes, and on the Teams Style section, you will see your role preference and how you can have an even greater impact on the work you do.

Each of us has ideals we hold tightly, and for good reason: they are important! The Values Style portion of the report will provide you with insight into some of your professional values, which help shape your decisions and drive actions.

All of this new awareness is great, and how you apply what you have learned is the likely next step. I will provide you with some options on how we can work together so you can move into the fullness of your own potential.

Your assessment link and key code will be emailed to you. Once completed, your Maxwell Method Growth Impact Report will be available for download and emailed to you. A calendar link will be sent to you to schedule your individual debrief.

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