3 Hour Purpose/Vision/Goals Session

3 Hour Purpose/Vision/Goals Session


Are you struggling with your purpose? Are you frustrated with current circumstances and don’t know where to start? I hear you. Maybe you have asked friends, neighbors, or co-workers what you should do only to realize they are in the same situation you are in…stuck.

We take a counter-intuitive approach to help you get better results. In your 3 hour Purpose/Vision/Goals Session - we dig into how you are “wired” from a strengths, weaknesses, your communication style and preferences, what kind of job roles/responsiblities best suit you, and how you fit into a team.

We begin to help you understand HOW you are “programed” and WHY you keep getting the same results in your life over and over.

We help you identify how you can leverage your strengths “sharpen the sword” and off-set your weaknesses “round out the rough edges” and select 2-3 major goals.

By the end of our session together - you will have a higher level of awareness of what is hindering you from reaching your potential, a deeper understanding of where to focus your attention/priorities, and a clear path to follow.

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