Transformational Coaching 


Why everyone needs a coach…

RELATIONSHIPS - As a leader of people, you know that the quality of your leadership is determined by the quality of your relationships with those you lead; thus, determining the level of performance you receive in return. The quality of relationships the business owner has with staff, suppliers, associates, partners, and customers will have a significant influence on bottom-line success. There are also our personal relationships- the bedrocks of our lives! We might not always think about how the quality of our personal relationships impacts our professional success, but deep down, we know these are the most important relationships of all. The bottom-line is, regardless of your vocation in life, if you are to be successful, you cannot do it alone.

INFLUENCE - The most important skill to master in business today is the art and skill of influence. Think about it. The ability to influence others isn’t a “nice to have” in life today – it’s absolutely essential; and yet, I can guarantee that if you’re a product of the same education system I am, you didn’t attend a single class on how to successfully influence other people. If leaders are to be successful in their primary objective of improving the performance and results of those they manage or lead, it is imperative that they be effective in influencing others. The problem, however, is that most of us are not very effective in our influence. The truth is, this essential life-skill differs depending on the situation. Leading others effectively is not dependent upon the title you hold or your given position of authority. Your leadership should bring about improved results and greater success in every aspect of the lives you influence. People do not want to be managed; they want to be led. Talent wants to be inspired, not measured. Talent strives to be, do, and have more. We can help you master the art of influence.

THINKING - When someone gives you advice, tells you what to do, or provides you with your answers, you don’t have to think. All of our lives, we have been programmed to avoid thinking. In school, you were taught what to think and not how to think. Even in our jobs, we are advised, directed, and told what to do. We are put on training programs that teach us what to do. We go to the gym and are told what to do. We turn on TV or social media and are told what to do. We are all products of our environment; our parents, teachers, bosses, religious leaders, and other well-meaning authority figures have all taught us what to think and not how to think. The people you lead can perform at a much higher level if they are empowered to think for themselves. Henry Ford recognized this issue and observed, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few partake in it.” The truth is, most people are dreadfully uncomfortable with the idea of thinking and will avoid it at all costs. We live in a society engineered to disengage the mind. Entertainment rules. Television, computer games, movies, and all other media have designed us to dread and avoid the need to think. George Bernard Shaw said it best, “two percent of people think, three percent think they think, and ninety-five percent would rather die than think.” A leader empowers people to think into better results.

RESULTS - If you are not consciously choosing your thoughts, you’re thinking as you’ve always thought. The funny thing about the creative process is that it will continue to recreate the same kind of results over and over again. This is why most persistently fail to make improvements in their lives; they lack an understanding of how the creative process works and how to influence it to work in their favor. Join me in a coaching process. Allow me the privilege of walking you through why this coaching process is so critical to your success as a leader. Coaching is the only means by which you can successfully interrupt the habitual ways of thinking that keep you and your team trapped in a perpetual cycle of continuous underachievement. I would be honored to take you through a powerful transformational process; a highly-interactive coaching process that will have a greater impact on your results. At the end of the day, it’s the results that matter. That is my explicit promise to you!



Who I am & Why You Should Care?

Hi! I’m Danny, but the better question is, “Can Pippin Leadership Services help you?” Let’s find out!

See, my team and I serve people in several ways…

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, manager, or leader of people and looking to improve on communication, teamwork, self-development and furthering the development of your team - Look no further. We can help you. 

How does being more productive and increased profits with less stress sound? We can help you.

How would you feel with higher engagement and buy-in, less turnover, and the ability to understand “How to Motivate Millennials.” We can help you with that, too.

How do I know we can help? Because we’ve provided solutions to 300+ teams across the country.

Let our Consulting Division help you fight stats like:

  • Only 15% of employees are considered highly engaged.

  • The average retention rate is 4.2 years with 13.3% turnover rates, costing companies over $15K per turn.

  • Less than 23% of females reach highest levels of management.

  • 30% of businesses fail in the first 2 years, 50% fail by year 5, and 66% by year 10.

My team and I provide a unique perspective to situations your facing. Our mutual expertise come together to create custom solutions for you and your team.

As Executive Directors of The John Maxwell Team, our team is trained, mentored, and certified by New York Times Best-Selling Author, #1 Leadership Expert, and highest paid (non celebrity/non-political) speaker in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell; and #1 coaching Guru in the world, Paul Martinelli. We are equipped with exclusive tools, resources, and world-class content only available to Certified John Maxwell Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches.

As Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultants, we maximize personal strengths and minimize weaknesses, resolve internal conflicts and power struggles quickly, enhance teamwork, help develop positive self-image, identify how and why people make decisions, reveal root communication problems, and develop laser-focused and motivated teams.

All of that, combined with over 25 years of Corporate Retail & Telecom experience in networking, recruiting, and interviewing thousands of candidates; and hiring, training, and developing hundreds of team members has given us the foundation for helping you to drive results.

We help YOU build and develop highly effective teams and create a nondependent, high-performing culture.

We also offer a Personal Growth Mentoring Division – helping people fall in love with their lives!

We saw a need with statistics like:

  • 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • 50% divorce rate

  • The average household debt is $137K with a median income of only $59K

  • 33% of people feel they are living with extreme stress.

  • The obesity rate is at almost 40%.

These numbers are heartbreaking and astonishing. See, psychologists estimate that 90% of our behavior is controlled by our belief systems, habits, perceptions, and opinions that all of us are programmed with. At Pippin Leadership Services, we get it. Our behaviors control our RESULTS and this is why many people struggle in their primary love relationships, as well as their personal relationships; are unable to generate a higher level of income, don’t progress in their career, and live unhealthy lives – spiritually, mentally, and physically. We can help.

If you want to Be more, Do more, and Have more in life… We CAN help.

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Consulting & Coaching

  • DISC Behavioral Analysis Assessments & Debriefs

  • Individual & Group Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Training & Development Programs

  • Mastermind Groups

  • Leadership Game

  • Lunch & Learns

Personal Growth Mentoring

  • DISC Behavioral Analysis Assessments & Debriefs

  • Empowerment Mentoring 12 Month Program

  • Think & Grow Rich 3 Month Program

  • Purpose / Vision / Goals 1:1 Session

  • Mastermind Groups